Stuffed chicken Breast

Supper this week was a basic stuffed chicken breast. I had no rhyme or reason other than to empty my fridge out. So I stuffed them with onion, cream cheese, red pepper, cheddar cheese, salami slices, and spinach. Ingredients: 4 Chicken Breasts 1 Tbsp Olive oil 1/2 cup of Onion. 1/2 Red pepper, sliced thinly... Continue Reading →


Coq Au Riesling

Sometimes when I'm on reddit, something really catches my eye, that I think yes I need to cook that. Today that was Coq Au Riesling. The wine I picked for this was Notorius Rooster, a product from Germany. I'm also following a recipe since its my first go around with a few minor differences. Ingredients:... Continue Reading →


Now that the New Year is here, I'm trying to clean out my fridge and freezers before buying more groceries. In this purge I found Phyllo sheets in my stand up freezer so I pulled them out to finally put them into use after probably 2 years of them taking up prime real estate in... Continue Reading →

Beef Empanada

This week on 52 weeks of cooking is “Àrgentinian”  After a quick google search I settled on Beef Empanada`s since I had all the ingredients and few extra ingredients to add.  I forgot to take pictures of the beef mixture cooking so I`m short on those pictures but i Have an inside picture when it`s... Continue Reading →

Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Due to me having a cold and the crappy snowy weather outside I decided my cooking this weekend would be soup.  A Roasted Red Pepper soup to be exact.  I'm going to roast the peppers, and remove the skin, for reasons I don't understand completely but I did that to make Harissa so I thought... Continue Reading →

Semolina Pudding

The theme this week on the subreddit 52 weeks of baking is Romania. I have a bag of Semolina flour that i wanted to use up and hoped Semolina cake was a Romanian dish but after I googled it all that came up was semolina pudding. So I went that route For the pudding portion... Continue Reading →

Potato Soup

After taking in the town's "Light up the Night" event  with my daughter, we decided to warm up with some soup using the vegetable stock I made earlier as a base, I decided to make this potato soup.   I followed the recipe almost exactly except I used 6 red potatoes and not 6 cups of russets.   ... Continue Reading →


This week on the subreddit 52 weeks of cooking is Mexican.  My house is not equipped for that but I do have a mortar and pestle so I decided my best course of action was Guacamole. Ingredients I Used: 2 Tbsp Finely chopped white onion 1/2 a jalapeno, seeds scraped out 1/4 C of Cilantro... Continue Reading →

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